Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes, MEd, CSCS

With more than 25 years of experience in the strength and conditioning and fitness industry, Michael Barnes brings a wealth of expertise to his profession.


His extensive background encompasses a diverse range of roles, from Division I athletics with highly successful collegiate programs to several years spent in the National Football League, working closely with the San Francisco Forty Niners the year they won the Super Bowl.


He also served as the Director of Education with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Michael is not only an accomplished author and speaker but also a subject matter expert, industry consultant, and dedicated practitioner. Holding three prestigious professional certifications in the field, along with a master’s degree in Exercise Science, he is renowned for his comprehensive knowledge.


Throughout his career, Michael has shared his insights with numerous organizations, including Major League Baseball, The National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Triathlon, USA Rugby, the World Class Athlete Program of the US Army, the NCAA, US Ski and Snowboard Association, USA Judo, the US Association of Deaf and Blind Athletes, and many others.


His global reach has taken him to countries such as Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Greece, and Denmark, where he has educated, trained, and collaborated with leaders in the fitness industry.


Drawing from his extensive experience, particularly in professional football, Michael understands the significance of teamwork, dedication, and urgency in helping athletes realize their full potential.


Over a decade of exclusive work with athletes honed his practical knowledge in areas such as torso/core stabilization, metabolic training, and addressing orthopedic issues.


Michael firmly believes in anchoring his practice in scientific principles, recognizing the rapid evolution of peer-reviewed information over the last 25 years.


He emphasizes the importance of applying the most up-to-date scientific findings to create effective fitness programs, asserting that without this scientific foundation, fitness programming would be like a sailboat adrift without a rudder.


However, at the core of Michael’s practice lies a set of unwavering values that distinguish his approach.


Respect, honesty, reliability, compassion, and fairness are the bedrock principles that set his practice apart and underscore his commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.